Sprode by Freezepop

Song Sprode
Artist Freezepop
Album Hi-Five My Remix
Track N/A
Year 2003
Genre Pop Rock
Vocal Gender Female
Length 03:19
Vocal Tracks 1
Pack Harmonix 01
Rating Family Friendly
Type Downloadable Content
Released Apr 17, 2008
Cost N/A
System ALL
Submitted By rob
Keyboard N/A
Pro Guitar N/A
Pro Vocals N/A
Pro Drums
Pro Bass N/A
Pro Keyboard N/A
Overall Rating (72)
Guitar Rating (3)
Vocal Rating (6)
Drum Rating (6)
Bass Rating (3)
Keyboard Rating (0)


Zacek on at 12:44 AM
I just love this song. The drums are easy and fun!
popas95 on at 8:26 AM
how can i download this song?
Moobu on at 3:04 AM
Its too bad they haven't realized that they got the name of the song wrong. Everyone who listens to Freezepop knows this song is called Supersprode..
phatjoe on at 11:39 AM
You realize the Duke from Freezepop is one of the producers of the game... I think they just decided to rename this remix.
hh2news on at 10:57 PM
I play Expert Bass. I still can't play this song longer than 30 seconds. I must disagree with the 1 on Bass.
Drunken-Fist on at 4:40 AM
Fun song, I liked this one waaay back on Amplitude. That's what introduced me to Freezepop in the first place.

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