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Don't Stop Believing by Journey

Song Don't Stop Believing
Artist Journey
Album Escape
Track 1
Year 1981
Genre Classic Rock
Vocal Gender Male
Length 04:23
Vocal Tracks 1
Pack Single
Rating Supervision Recommended
Type Downloadable Content
Released Apr 2, 2009
Cost $1.99
System ALL
Submitted By rob
Keyboard N/A
Pro Guitar N/A
Pro Vocals N/A
Pro Drums
Pro Bass N/A
Pro Keyboard N/A
Overall Rating (95)
Guitar Rating (13)
Vocal Rating (12)
Drum Rating (12)
Bass Rating (10)
Keyboard Rating (1)


acondon747 on at 4:39 PM
Can I take my Like it back, everyone who has this song plays it to DEATH!!!
SMAP on at 3:23 PM
Nobody with a soul can hate this song.
cptn_cuco on at 8:05 PM
acondon747 stopped believing?
Dark_Reality_X on at 3:57 PM
Journey's "Escape" album reminds us that leet speak is not the invention of AOL'ers. Great song but bloody hell, where's "Wheel in the Sky"? Rock Band 3 probably...
stormfan4life on at 7:31 AM
there is a reason why it was the most downloaded song in the rockband music store
justaspade on at 1:25 PM
I've got a feeling that more Journey is coming to RB3, with the exclusion Any Way you Want It and not more Journey, in addition to keys being added.

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