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Visions by Abnormality

Song Visions
Artist Abnormality
Album Abnormality Demo
Track N/A
Year 2007
Genre Metal
Vocal Gender Female
Length 03:00
Vocal Tracks 1
Pack Rock Band 2 (Disc)
Rating Supervision Recommended
Type Rock Band 2
Released Sep 14, 2008
Cost N/A
System ALL
Submitted By rob
Keyboard N/A
Pro Guitar N/A
Pro Vocals N/A
Pro Drums
Pro Bass N/A
Pro Keyboard N/A
Overall Rating (149)
Guitar Rating (21)
Vocal Rating (21)
Drum Rating (23)
Bass Rating (18)
Keyboard Rating (0)


SMAP on at 3:23 PM
Is this music?
C-Weiner on at 8:31 PM
RedIon1992 on at 9:55 PM
This is officially not music - it is noise. IMHO, it has no place in the game.
KaneRobot on at 1:13 PM
They put this in the game just to annoy us. Not challenge us, annoy us.
MourganDespana on at 2:27 PM
Its pretty bad when the Naked Brothers band as a song rated higher then yours...
kickingguru on at 12:08 AM
hey.... no dissing the Naked Brothers Band.... I love Body I Occupy.... That is actually a fun song... :) (Can you tell I have kids???)

Visions is not music... It was totally intended to annoy and confuse... How many people hit up the Endless Setlist before mastering that song and got screwed 7 hours in... just rediculous...
kickingguru on at 12:08 AM
Can I give it a negative rating or is one all I can do.....
traflaz on at 7:48 PM
Kigalas on at 7:33 PM
You know, a lot of people complain about this song not being music or whatever, but I say it was HMX pushing the envelope so as to say 'This is how broad we want this platform to be'. Granted, death metal isn't what most people listen to, but the people who do want to play this type of music probably have a similar feeling about some of the songs you enjoy as you do about this. (not directed at anyone, just a blanket statement)
SMAP on at 3:23 PM
^Actually you have a pretty great point.
RedIon1992 on at 9:55 PM
@Kigalas - IMHO it would have been far better as DLC. That way, if you don't want it, you don't have to get it.
rockorr on at 1:34 PM
@Redlon1992 - I agree. This is my biggest complaint about Rock Band 2 ... with songs like these it seems like the game is punishing you for getting better.
WhiteCarnation on at 3:41 PM
While I don't like Visions at all, you gotta have a depressingly narrow definition of music if you don't think this song is that
IamJoshO on at 5:40 PM
If Harmonix wanted a broad spectrum that included death metal they could have included a legit death metal band (or something like Opeth), not a demo of a song from a newer band
CactaurMan36 on at 2:19 AM
The singer of the band is a Harmonix employee, that's why this song was included. The rest of the bonus songs from RB2 are also from in-house Harmonix bands.
MADAGASCAR on at 12:45 PM
@WhiteCarnation I completely disagree. This song cannot, through any textbook definition, be described as music.
ackpack34 on at 10:29 AM
It's sad when you can hold the microphone up to the TV, and get a gold star on expert vocals....this is not music. I understand the point others are making about being broad, but put it as DLC, not a song you are required to suffer through in order to get a trophy.
Joj on at 11:35 PM
the singer is actually female
Joj on at 11:35 PM
not male

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